Emergency repairs

Due to the current situation with the Coronavirus pandemic on the Island, and as per the Chief Minister’s direction for minimising the risks of infection, the Officers of Onchan District Commissioners will only be responding to the following call outs until further notice:


·         Loss of power.

·         Loss of heating (not including hot water).

·         Broken or blocked WC or sewer.

·         Serious water leak i.e. burst pipe.

·         Making a property secure following a request from the police.

·         Gas leak.

·         Fire alarm activations.

Sheltered Housing:-

·         Same items as above where applicable.

·         Assistance where requested in relation to emergency services.

Public Open Spaces:-

·         Anything that poses a threat to public safety i.e. dangerous structures such as buildings or street lights.

·         Damaged playground equipment.

·         Vandalism.

Please contact the office on 675564 to report any other issues and they will be logged and dealt with on the reopening of the Office at the end of the current lockdown.