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Nominations Open - Local Authority Elections


Notice is hereby given that an election of SEVEN members of the ONCHAN DISTRICT COMMISSIONERS for the period to 1st May 2020 will be held on THURSDAY, 28th April 2016.

Forms of Nomination may be obtained from the Returning Officer at the Commissioners' Offices, Hawthorn Villa, Main Road, Onchan during normal office hours during the period up to and including TUESDAY 5th April 2016.

The form of nomination paper includes instructions as to its completion and signing.

A nomination paper duly completed must be delivered to the Returning Officer before 5.00 p.m. on 5th day of April 2016 at the Commissioners Offices, Hawthorn Villa, Main Road, Onchan.

In the event of a contested election polling will take place on 28th day of April 2016

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