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Historical Interest:

1970's - Fuel Ration Books

Fuel Ration Books

Motor Fuel Ration books were issued by the government to combat petrol shortages during the 1973 oil crisis, when the Organisation of Petroleum Producing Countries (OPEC) imposed an oil embargo on Western countries which had supported Israel during the Arab-Israeli Yom Kippur war. Ration books were issued on the basis of engine size and horse-power.

Oil prices rose and it was feared that there may be a 'run' on the petrol stations.

In December 1973, Onchan Village Commissioners applied and were granted rations for three vehicles:-

MMN 269

3 ton, 13 cwt

Class A

746 VMN

90 cwt 2 qtr 

Class B

MN 3955

140 cwt

Class C


The coupon entitlement depended on the unladen weight and on the type of fuel used.  



Unladen Weight

Coupon Type






6 ½ sheets


Diesel Road Vehicle

Over 1 ½ tons; not exceeding 5 tons


2 ½ sheets


Diesel Road Vehicle

Over 5 tons; not exceeding 8 tons


3 sheets

The basic ration was for a six month period and could be claimed for any vehicles that were currently in use and were licensed.    One claim could only be made per vehicle, even when the ownership was changed.   

Formal rationing proved unnecessary and the coupons were never used.

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