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We feature a good read from our library shelves here every month. Why not read along with us and let us know what you think?

Wolf Road by Beth Lewis

Reviewed by: Onchan Book Group

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

You can't admit to someone else what you're too damn afraid to admit to yourself.

This one  has been a real hit with our book group. It's a dystopian novel, set in a post nuclear world where Elka, a 7 year old girl, is rescued during a storm in the wilderness by a man she calls the Trapper. The Trapper teaches her survival skills, but it turns out that he doesn't just hunt deer, he kills people too. At 17, Elka discovers that the Trapper is a serial killer, and being hunted down. She sets out to find her real parents, who had left her in the care of her grandmother, now dead. The Trapper doesn't want to let her go, and Elke has to use what he taught her to stay alive ... but maybe he taught her too well? The group thought this one was:

...pacy, engaging and well written.

The Thirteenth Tale by Diana Setterfield

Reviewed by: Onchan Book Group

Rating: 4.5 out 5 stars

If you enjoyed this, you may like: Black Rabbit Hall by Eve Chase, The House at The Edge of the World by Julie Rochester, and authors Kate Morton and Lucinda Riley.

"Once upon a time, there was a haunted house ... a library ... Once upon a time there were twins"

Vida Winter, the world famous writer and recluse, calls upon an unknown biographer, Margaret Lea, to tell her story. Books are a refuge for Margaret living with the guilt of surviving her co-joined twin. When she hears Vida Winter's words about a library and twins, she's instantly hooked, and takes on the commission.

But Vida Winter is manipulative, has never told the truth about her life before, and doesn't have long left to live. Margaret stays at Vida Winter's gothic and isolated house, while she uncovers a strange and compelling mystery, with an unexpected twist.

Onchan Book Group say: " Don't let the slow build up put you off. The book really takes off once Margaret arrives at Vida Winter's house - then you can't put it down!"

You can find more book reviews on Onchan Book Group's Blog.

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