Groudle Glen Overview

The Groudle Glen Railway is a Victorian narrow gauge railway loated in Groudle Glen in Onchan.  The railway runs from Lonely Valley (Lhen Coan in Manx) to the headland and around the coast. 

The railway is owned and operated by a group of enthusiastic volunteers and operates in Summer, along with annual special events, such as Bunny and Santa Trains.

The Groudle Glen Railway was originally built in 1896 but was unfortunately closed and scrapped in the 1960s. However, since 1982 the two foot gauge railway has been fully restored and now runs between Groudle Glen and the Sea Lion Rocks tea rooms which are located at the end of the line.

The railway operates steam, diesel and electric engines plus the original 1896 locomotive "Sea Lion" and a number of restored coaches from the 1890s.

Groudle Glen Railway's main station, Lhen Coan, can be reached after a short walk through the beautiful Groudle Glen and features a replica of the 1896 building as well as the carriage sheds and workshops.

The Sea Lion Rocks tea rooms serve a variety of refreshments while the railway is in operation. Look out for the remains of the zoo complex, which the line was originally built to serve, which can be seen at the edge of the cliff!

For further information visit: Groudle Glen Railway