Play Areas

School Road Recreation Ground

"The Rec" is the oldest of the playgrounds in Onchan having been created between 1923 and 1924. The equipment however is up to date with a new roundabout and baby swings being added to the other swings and slide in November 2003.

As with other playgrounds in Onchan the play equipment is in a dog free area. In addition there is a flat grassed area for football and a basket ball practice area is located on the Youth and Community Centre car park.

Lakeside Gardens

At Lakeside Gardens there is another fenced children's play area where all the equipment is constructed out of treated timber. The grassed area around not only provides a green breathing space between the houses but is also available for informal play by the children.

Ballachurry Park

Within the Ballachurry Park Development there is a children's play area well equipped with play facilities and this is to be found alongside Wybourn Grove with a link footpath to Ballachurry Avenue.

Jubilee Playground

The Jubilee Playground is to be found within the Birch Hill Park Estate immediately behind the shop in Birch Hill Crescent. Here there is a collection of children's play equipment together with an open space for football and informal play.

Onchan Park Playground

The children's playground has been greatly improved thanks to the generosity of the Isle of Man Lady Taverners who provided equipment which is suitable equally for disabled children as able bodied children. To the average person this integrated facility is not immediately apparent. 

The grassed area provides a green space for informal play by the children.  

There is also a larger grassed area located at the top end of Onchan Park for football and informal play.   An Out-2-Play Scheme operates in this area during the school holiday periods.   These would be advertsied under our What's On Section.