General Housing Applications


The normal residential qualifications for acceptance on the waiting list and/or allocation of accommodation are for at least one of the applicants to have a:-

(a) minimum of 10 years residence in the Isle of Man; and
(b) minimum of 3 years residence in the Local Authority District of Onchan.

The residential qualifications do not need to be continuous or immediately prior to the application.

The waiver of either of the residential qualifications is unlikely, and will only be considered in VERY EXCEPTIONAL CIRCUMSTANCES.

No applications will be considered from single people under the age of 18.

The thresholds for income and savings are reviewed annually. Please make sure that you have the current advice sheet containing the relevant information.

Further information on the uniform critera can be found at:  General Housing - Uniform Acceptance Criteria 


With regard to the allocation of properties a point system is used for every housing application.

The aim of the points system is to assess each applicant by a common set of standards in relation to their housing needs.

Further information on the allocation criteria can be found at:  Pointing System


Applicants may not be on more than one public sector waiting list at the same time. Where applicants are residentially qualified in more than one Housing Authority area, they must decide to which Authority they prefer to apply.


Application forms are available at the offices of Onchan District Commissioners, Hawthorn Villa, 79 Main Road, Onchan, Isle of Man, IM3 4AP.  Telephone: (01624) 675564.