Housing Customer Charter


  • Protect the health, safety and welfare of residents
  • Respect our Customers
  • Promote quality, choice and opportunity in all social housing
  • Recognise that our employees have a right to work in a safe environment free from aggressive or threatening behaviour

When you use our services ….

We will:

  • Consult and involve residents in improving tenant and leaseholder services
  • Continue to comply with the Decent Home Standard
  • Provide an excellent repairs service
  • Make empty houses ready for the next family as quickly as we can
  • Offer a wide range of ways to pay rent and provide practical help and advice to those who have difficulty paying
  • Enforce our tenancy conditions and reduce anti-social behavior
  • Work with residents to improve our estates and make our neighbourhoods better places to live
  • Adapt homes to help people with disabilities
  • Provide safe and secure housing for older people and services which support independent living in the new community
  • Investigate all service requests within one working day of contact
    • Repairs will be prioritized and completed:-
      • Emergency repairs – within 24 hours
      • Urgent repairs           – within 7 days
      • Routine repairs        – within 28 days
      • Deal with our customers quickly and keep them informed at all times

Commitment …

We will:

  • Strive to acquire land to promote new build homes
  • Provide advice and support to help people from losing their homes
  • Seek customer feedback and views at every opportunity
  • Use the information gathered to achieve and sustain the service excellence that we are committed to delivering.