Repairs and Maintenance

Tenants Responsibility 

  • Anything that belongs to you
  • Decorating the inside of your home
  • Glass & glazing, i.e. replacing broken window catches and stays due to tenant neglect
  • Reglazing of windows and doors
  • Washing machine, tumble dryers, dishwashers - plumbing & fittings
  • The door bell, letter box & door number/nameplate
  • Replacing light bulbs/fluorescent tubes in your home including bulbs on gas/electric fires
  • Repairing or renewing gas and electric cookers
  • Fixtures and fittings such as curtain rails and coat hooks
  • Clearance of blockages in drains, waste pipes and toilets caused by lack of care (e.g. fat, cotton wool etc.)
  • Sweeping chimneys and removing chimney obstructions due to tenant neglect
  • Replacing grate bottoms within 12 months of renewal
  • Repairing or Replacing bath and sink plugs, chains and flushing handles
  • Repairing tap washers
  • Renewing ball tap washers
  • Internal door fittings (including adjusting doors for carpet fitting)
  • Outdoor sheds and fitting clothes posts and lines
  • Replacing locks and lost keys
  • Cost of gaining access if you lose keys
  • Replacing toilet seats and flushing handles
  • Repairing / renewing gate catches and exterior door locks
  • Care and maintenance of smoke detectors
  • Minor repairs to kitchen cupboards and drawers
  • Repairing or renewing draining boards due to tenants neglect
  • Minor repairs to floor tiles and tiled fire surrounds
  • Repairing or renewing fire grates
  • Repairing or renewing all night burners and electric fire elements
  • Renewing blown main fuses unless caused by a circuit fault
  • Supply or renewal of wheelie bins
  • Removal of all household rubbish on vacating the property
  • Repair and renewal of any other part of the premises or fittings thereon damaged by the tenant or caused by his neglect
  • The cost of removing unsightly/unroadworthy/unlicensed vehicles
  • Keeping the property in good condition internally

If, for special reasons, you are unable to carry out any of these tasks, for example, if you are elderly or have a disability, please discuss this with us by calling Telephone: (01624) 675564 option 1. We may be able to suggest special arrangements.

Commissioners responsibility 

The Commissioners are  responsible for maintaining the structure and exterior of your home, its main services, and the communal areas in blocks of flats. For example we will repair:

  • Window frames and external doors
  • Plumbing
  • Heating systems including annual service and safety check
  • Kitchen units
  • Internal walls (plastering)
  • Floors
  • Roofs
  • Installations for the supply of water, gas, electricity, sanitation
  • Communal equipment, including lifts, heating plant and lighting of communal areas.

Can you be charged for any repairs you are responsible for?

Yes, if you (or your family or visitors) damage or neglect your home, we will charge you for the cost of repairs. If there is evidence that the damage has been caused deliberately, you must pay for the cost of the repair before we can place an order for the work and we may take legal action.  Copy of the Authority's recharge policy is available to view at Recharge Policy