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The Harvey Briggs Manx Collection is a valuable resource for anyone interested in the local history and culture of our community...

There's a wide selection of titles on Manx history, language, folklore and culture, as well as fictional works and poetry by local authors.

Some works are reference only, but many of the titles in this collection can be borrowed.

Phil Mason, who hand crafted the cabinets for the collection, with Harvey Briggs

Newspapers, Photographs & Publications from the iMuseum

The iMuseum is freely available online, providing digitised resources from the archives for you to browse. It's a fascinating resource for research,  family history and nostalgia.

Have you seen the iMuseum's  collection 'This is Summer' ? The photographs are all Manx Press Pictures and bring the Island to life in 1960s - 70s.

Like your favourites and comment to share memories.

iMuseum ID number: PG/12100/69

Kirk Onchan Crosses

The Bridson family - Kenneth, Elsa and Peter have created display boards and an accompanying folder all about the crosses found in Kirk Onchan. Their research has been beautifully illustrated by Elsa Bridson. The family have kindly donated their work to the library as a lasting legacy for the people of Onchan, and visitors, to use and enjoy. 

Onchan Parish Churchyard

Elaine Moore has donated three folders on Onchan Parish Churchyard to the library, which are very informative and beautifully presented. 'The Bligh Connection' focuses on Captain Bligh, Fletcher Christian and Peter Heywood.

In the Onchan Parish Churchyard folders she has researched the lives behind the names on the memorials, for example, Lieutenant Lewis Buckle Reeves R.M, who was the last surviving officer who fought at the Battle of Trafalgar.

Her work will be very much appreciated by the local community and visitors for research and family history.

Manx Research Blog

This is an informal way for those undertaking research relating to the Isle of Man to share and discuss their views.

It's also an excellent and informative resource for anyone interested in Manx history and culture. Vist them at Manx Research and follow them on Twitter @Manx Research

Chiollagh Books

Chiollagh Books , based in Onchan, is the work of Stephen Miller and specialises in titles concerning Manx language and folkways.

A newsletter, Manx Notes,appears from time to time and is available for free download (as is the back catalogue of Chiollagh Books at present).

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