SCAM ALERT - Covid Vaccination Appointments

We have been made aware that members of the Public have today been receiving calls and emails from scammers about making Covid vaccination appointments.

The correct process is:-

You will initially only get a letter about your vaccination.

You will then ring 111 to make an appointment there and then OR after your call they will ring you back, this could take a few days.

Any unexpected calls about vaccinations could very well be from scammers. If you have had a letter but are not sure about the call put the phone down and ring 111. Emails will be a scam. You would never be asked to give bank details.

Only ring 111 if you have had a letter.

Forward scam emails to the IOM Government suspicious email service.

Report scam calls via the IOM Government cyber reporting service, details about both services in the below link. This will help us build a picture of how widespread the problem is.

*If you look after any people likely to fall for this scam please speak to them.*


Further information on the vaccination program is below:-