Obstructive Parking

We have recently received a number of phone calls over issues to do with inconsiderate parking. Residents are concerned about access for Emergency Services vehicles, and the Commissioners would like everyone to be aware of the following information:"

The offence of obstruction only occurs when a parked vehicle actually prevents access or egress, and only at the time that someone is coming in or out.

If it is still possible to get in or out, then that is not technically obstruction. Nor is it obstruction' if the person blocked in or out is not actually wanting to go in or out at that time - "I will be going out later, so that car is obstructing me..." does not apply.

Obstruction also depends on the vehicle that is being obstructed - for instance a fire engine or ambulance on to the road may need much more space than someone in a car and are much more likely to be obstructed. Would you want them obstructed if they were coming to your house? If the answer is "No", then please think carefully about where you park.

Obstruction can also be caused by vehicles parking on pavements. If the pavement is blocked, then that can be viewed by the Police as obstruction - a good test is "could someone in a wheelchair or with a pram walk past without having to go in to the road?"

It is an offence to obstruct someone's access or to block the pavements or roads, and any incidents should be reported to the Police Headquarters through their non-emergency number Tel: 631212.

For your information, there are powers available to issue Fixed Penalty Notices can be issued for parking offences under the provisions contained in the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1985, and Parking Controllers regularly visit Onchan.