Electoral Register Update 2020

It only takes a minute to respond to annual update of electoral register.   Registration forms will shortly be delivered to all households in the Isle of Man as part of the 2020 update of the electoral register.

The annual canvass helps to capture the information required to maintain an accurate record of people who are eligible to vote in an election.

Forms will be posted to all households currently listed on the electoral register and to ‘The Occupier’ at properties with no registered electors.

It is a legal requirement to respond to the annual canvass, even if an individual chooses not to vote. The deadline for responses is 18 March 2020.

Not being registered can also affect a person’s credit reference history and potentially result in an application for a mortgage, loan or mobile phone contract being refused.

Improvements have been introduced in recent years to make the canvass process quicker and easier for residents, as well as more efficient for the Government.

For most households the printed details on their registration form, such as the address and the list of eligible voters living at the property, will remain unchanged. If that is the case, people can respond in less than a minute via a telephone call, text message or online.

The online option is also available for people to notify the Electoral Registration Unit of any amendments to the prepopulated information.

Responses can still be submitted by completing and signing the paper form and returning it in the pre-paid envelope provided. However, people are encouraged to respond online, by phone or text messages, as it costs more to deal with paper and postal returns.

A number of households have already confirmed or updated their details electronically as part of a pilot e-canvass project. Anyone who wishes to take part in future e-canvasses can opt in by providing their email address for electoral registration purposes.

Further information about the electoral registration process and who is eligible to vote can be found on the Government website or by contacting elections@gov.im or tel: 685754.

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