General Election 2021 - Results

An election was held on Thursday 23rd September 2021.  The elected candidates for Onchan and Garff are as follows :

Onchan Representatives:      Mr Rob Callister and Mrs Julie Edge 

Garff Representatives:           Mrs Daphne Caine and Mr Andrew Smith


Total of 2,346 ballots received with 11 spoilt papers.  The turnout was 45.05% 

Rob Callister    1,600 votes 

Julie Edge        1,363 votes 

James Cherry     570 votes 

Peter Williers      433 votes

Michael Leather  177 votes. 


Total of 3,781 ballots received 

Daphne Caine   1122 votes 

Andrew Smith    1112 votes

Martyn Perkins    971 votes

Jamie Smith        576 votes