Onchan District Commissioners - Board Meeting 8th March 2021 - CANCELLED

Due to the current Coronavirus COVID-19 Circuit Break Lockdown and in accordance with the Local Government Act 1985.   Onchan District Commissioners Board Meeting of the 8th March 2021 has been cancelled. 

Local Government Act 1985 Schedule 1 is the relevant legislation here.

Time and place of meetings:-

4. (1) Meetings of a local authority shall be held at such place, either within or without its area, as it may direct.

(2) Three clear days at least before a meeting of a local authority, a summons to attend the meeting, specifying the business proposed to be transacted thereat, and signed by the clerk of the authority, shall, subject to sub-paragraph (3), be left at or sent by post to the usual place of residence of every member of the authority.