2021/22 Rate Announcement

At the meeting of Onchan District Commissioners on the 1st February 2021, the rate was set for the financial year ending March 2022.


The Vice-Chairman & Lead Member for Finance and General Purposes Mr Martin Macfarlane thanked his fellow Commissioners and Officers for their diligent contribution in setting a rate for the forthcoming year.


Commissioner Macfarlane reported on the probable financial result for the current year which is set to achieve its budget projections and result in a small surplus – which is attributed to four months of reduced non-essential services and careful financial management in response to COVID-19. The financial standing of the Authority remains comfortable with good cashflow and healthy reserves.


In focusing on the forthcoming year, a budget has been designed to sustain the current level of services with provision for the upcoming election, enhancements to resilience & security of digital assets, property portfolio maintenance scheme, ‘The Rec’ footpath & lighting improvements and to meet inflation including substantial increases to waste disposal charges set by central government.


The Board of Onchan District Commissioners have recognised the current economic climate and agreed that a proportion of expenditure be drawn from the Authority’s reserves to reduce some of the impact to ratepayers.


The district rate for the financial year ending March 2022 will be increased by 3p to 326p in the pound, equivalent to a 0.93% increase.


Commissioner Macfarlane said “This budget has been challenging to meet the demands of natural inflation on products and services procured by the Authority while remained mindful of the financial pressures members of our community may be facing in response to COVID-19.”


“I would like to thank Officers and Staff of the Authority for their careful and considerate financial management throughout this extraordinary year while remaining dedicated to delivering core services to support our community in a time of need.”


If you have concerns about paying your rates or social housing rent, you are encouraged to contact Onchan District Commissioners for advice and support in confidence by phone 675564.


Onchan District Commissioners offer a prompt payment discount of 4% where payment of rates is made in full by the 30th June.