Dog Fouling near Schools

Parents are reaching the end of their tether over the level of dog mess on the pavements near and around the Schools.

One of the problems with dog mess is the earthy tones that make it difficult to spot against the ground, and often spotted after it has been stepped in.

The signs are easy to spot - the flattened deposit bearing the imprint of a shoe, the anxious parent quickly steering their offspring to one side to clean their shoes.

In reality there shouldn't be a problem - you own a dog, it eats, it poos, you clean it up. Failing to do so is anti-social, smelly and can spread diseases.

Dogs are prohibited within School Grounds.

There are dog bins in and around the school area, clean up after your pet. If you cannot find a dog bin then take it home to put in your own bin.

Dog owners, please put yourself in the parents' and teachers' position, would you like to clean up after stepping in dog mess!!!
Under law, it is the responsibility of the dog owner or the person in charge of the dog to clear up any dog foul left by their dog.
Simply being oblivious - or pretending that you are - is not an excuse.
Being unaware that the dog has fouled, or not having a suitable means of removing the faeces is not a reasonable excuse for failing to clean up after your dog.

Although the days are shorter, this is not an excuse that doggie mess can be left. CLEAN UP AFTER YOUR DOG.

If you are aware of a hot spot, please contact Onchan District Commissioners via their website or telephone 675564 - Surveyor's Department. This will assist us in identifying the problem areas.