Members Allowances 2021/22

Onchan District Commissioners 


Local Government Act 1985 (Schedule 2)

Report of Attendance and Travelling Allowances paid to Members of the 

Authority for the financial year to 31st March 2022

The Authority pays Attendance Allowances to Members of Onchan District Commissioners ("the Authority") for attendances at the Ordinary and Extra Ordinary Meetings of the Authority.

Note: No allowances were paid in respect of attendances at meetings of other Committees, Sub-Committees or for any other duties.

I report as follows for the year to 31st March 2022

(a) there were 24 Ordinary Meetings of the Authority;

(b) the attendance of members at the above Meetings and the total sums paid to each were as follows:-

No £
Mr A. Allen 24 517.50
Mr  D. Quirk 23 495.00
Mr  R. Turton 23 502.50
Mr  D. Crellin 23 495.00
Miss K.  Williams 19 390.00
Miss  Z. Lewin 16 352.50
Mrs F. Logan 15 337.50
Mr  M. MacFarlane 8 157.50
Mr  C. Quirk (Deceased) 7 0       No Payment Taken

R. Phillips

Chief Executive/Clerk

Onchan District Commissioners

28th November 2022