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Onchan General Byelaws 2017

Onchan District Commissioners are seeking views of the community regarding Onchan General Byelaws which regulate various activities within the District and which are intended to reduce the level of nuisance created and to maintain the quality of life.

The new byelaws replace those which have been in place since 1991 and show a modernisation of the legislation. Some of the byelaws have been replaced by national legislation e.g. the control of fireworks, some remain e.g. ball games to the annoyance of local residents and there are some which are included for the first time e.g. responsibility for abandoned shopping trolleys.

Onchan District also has byelaws on the subject of parking places, control of dogs and housing and these subjects are not included in the general byelaws.

Onchan District Commissioners are seeking comments from the community which may be about whether a particular nuisance has been included, if a particular byelaw is necessary, if the penalties are proportionate or any other related subject. Copies of the byelaws will be available from the Harvey Briggs Library and are published on the Commissioner's Website

Any comments can be made to one of the local Commissioners or they can be made in writing to the Hawthorn Villa, Main Road Onchan or by email to

The consultation period runs until the 5th May 2017 and following the consultation any comments will be considered by the Board of the Commissioners at a public meeting before they ask the Department of Infrastructure to place the byelaws before Tynwald for approval.


Chairman – Robin Turton
Chief Executive – Michael Morrison
Onchan District Commissioners
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Onchan IM3 1RD
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