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This is a reminder, that if you have recently returned to the Island and are self-isolating, showing symptoms, awaiting results or you have tested positive for (COVID19) your household waste must be handled differently.

Guidelines on handling your household waste

Items such as tissues and disposable cleaning cloths must be double bagged and quarantined for 72 hours.

You are expected to follow the guidelines below, to protect yourself and our staff:-

•         Place contaminated items such as tissues and disposable cleaning cloths in a plastic rubbish bag

•         Place that bag into another bag and tie it

•         Store it securely, away from your other household waste, for a minimum of 72 hours  before placing it in your refuse bin  (Please do not store in a communal area or on the street)

•         If your refuse collection is more than 72 hours away, you may place your double bagged rubbish straight into the refuse bin

•         Remember to wash your hands and clean the handles of your bins before and after you put them out

Once the household's isolation has come to an end, waste collection can resume as normal.

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