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Building Control:

Building Control legislation regulates the actual construction processes of building work. The building regulations are designed to promote the health, safety and welfare of persons in or about buildings. Standards must be met in the construction of all types of buildings ensuring that the building has a safe structure, has adequate damp proofing, fire protection thermal efficiency, disabled access, etc.

Building regulation approval must be sought before you commence building work on site. Your plans for the development will be checked to make sure they comply with the regulations and the work will also be inspected during the build at key construction stages. If the project meets the regulation requirements, a completion certificate will be issued. This document is important as your solicitor may need it if you decide to sell your property. Please note that Building Control does not cover the quality of finishes unless it results in a contravention of any regulation.

There are some instances where building regulation permission would be required and a planning application would not and vice versa.

It is important to note that building regulations approval is entirely separate from planning permission. Receiving one does not automatically ensure you will receive the other.

For further information please see: Making a Building Control ApplicationĀ 

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