Property Searches

If you want to purchase a home in Onchan, it’s very likely that you will require a local authority search.

The Local Authority search will relate directly to any information regarding the property that you want to purchase and can include the following information

  • any nearby planned roadwork's or schemes
  • any property planning history
  • planning applications that have either been approved or refused
  • If any property development is permitted
  • information on public rights of way in the nearby area
  • whether or not the property is classed as a listed building
  • whether the nearby roads are the responsibility of private residents or the DOI 
  • if any Building Regulation Applications have been submitted within the last 12 months
  • If there are any outstanding Rates due on the property

The Commissioners will carry out this request at a cost of £135 and will usually be made by the advocate dealing with the purchase of the property on the sellers behalf.

For more information about local authority search requests, please contact the Surveyors team on 675564 (option 1) or email