T.T. Homestay

As you are aware the Department of Economic Development and IOM Tourism operate a T.T. Homestay Scheme.  In their guidance notes it states:-

 “If you are a tenant, whether it is a Commissioners property or privately owned, you should ensure that you have permission from the landlord to sublet your household.”

 A copy of the Guidance Notes are available from the IOM of Toursim  Home Stay Notes

Onchan District Commissioners require their tenants to write to the Authority and request permission to take part in the homestay scheme.

Each application will be considered on a case by case basis.  

Where approval is given, the following conditions will apply:-

(a)          that the property be formally registered with the Department of Economic Development and IOM Tourism for T.T and Festival of Motorcycling Homestay purposes;

(b)          that the tenant ensure that their own house contents insurance is in place, and that their insurers are aware of the participation in the scheme;

(c)          that the tenant continues to remain in occupancy for the duration of the homestay and must occupy one of the bedrooms in the property

(d)          Approval would be limited to T.T. and Festival of Motorcycling fortnight only.

(e)           Copy of acceptance on to the Homestay scheme to be forwarded to the Housing Office. 

If you accommodate visitors without the Commissioners’ approval you are in breach of your Tenancy Agreement and your tenancy may be terminated.

It is in your best interests to write and seek the Commissioners’ permission  BEFORE allowing any persons to reside in your property other than those named on your occupancy forms.