Electoral Information

In order to be eligible to vote at a House of Keys Election or a Local Authority Election your name must appear on the current electoral register.

The Electoral Registration Unit of the Treasury’s Economic Affairs Division undertakes an annual postal canvass of households and the information collected is used to create registers for each Island constituency. When completing the registration form every eligible member of the household can be included but any member can request another form for his or her personal registration.

The Isle of Man has a system of ‘rolling’ registration and this allows residents to register, or alter, their details for the register on an ongoing basis. Registration is not for life and so you should ensure that you complete a registration form every year to be sure that you are included in the register.

If you move home or districts, you will need to inform the Electoral Registration Unit so that the information can be updated.   

Further information will be available on the Isle of Man Government Website. 

Register to vote

Further information about the electoral registration process and who is eligible to vote can be found on the Government website  Isle of Man Government - Elections and Voting

If you require further information regarding the electoral register you may call: +44 1624 685754