Complaints and Feedback Procedure


The Commissioners and Officers of Onchan District Commissioners, aim to meet the needs and requirements of the people of Onchan.  We may not get everything right the first time and if you remain discontented with any part of the services we deliver to you please follow our complaints procedure.

First Stage

Please contact the following:-

Property Maintenance issues (including Planning/Bye-Laws and refuse)


Surveyors Team

Telephone:  624967  


Housing issues

Housing Manager

Telephone:  675564 (option 3)



Assistant Finance Manager

Telephone:  675564  (option 4)



Head Librarian

Telephone:  621228 


They will address your complaint and provide you with a full written answer within 10 working days.

Second Stage

Following the informal response and should you remain dissatisfied please contact either of the following Department Heads:- 

Maintenance/Housing/Planning/ Byelaws/Refuse      

District Surveyor - Ryan Forgie

Telephone:  693651



Finance Manager - Stephanie Johnson

Telephone:  646196 


 They will address your concerns and respond to you within 10 working days.

Third Stage

If you remain dissatisfied following the response received from the Department Head, please contact the Chief Executive/Clerk of the Authority, Ross Phillips in writing and within 10 working days from receiving your reply of the 2nd stage.

The Chief Executive/Clerk will look into the matter on your behalf and liaise with the necessary departments.

Tynwald Commissioner for Administration Act 2011 ("the Act") 

In accordance with the Act if you still remain dissatisfied with the complaint response you can contact the Tynwald Commissioner for Administration within 6 months of the final decision at the following contact details:-


Tynwald Commissioner for Administration

Office of the Clerk of Tynwald

Legislative Buildings

Finch Road


Isle of Man, IM1 3PW


Your Commissioners are always there to support you with any complaint which you may have