Petition Borrowings

The Department of Infrastructure considers applications from Onchan District Commissioners under Section 51 of the Local Government Act 1985.  Approvals to borrow sums have been approved as follows:




Sum not exceeding

Years repayable to defray the cost

Date of Approval

Scheme 1&2

Nursery Avenue, Onchan

Installation of new windows & doors to


15 years

3rd October 2022

Scheme FA


First Avenue  

Replacement Windows


Funded from sale of Main Road Property

29th June 2022

Scheme FA


First Avenue

External Refurbishment


25 years

27th March 2022

Schemes 3, 6, 7 & 14


Park Bungalows, Ballachrink Drive and Barrule Drive

External refurbishment


15 years

15th October 2021

Scheme 4

Park Houses

External Refurbishment


25 years

28th June 2021


Across all Estates

Kitchen Framework Agreement


25 years

13th May 2020

Future petitions at Business Case stage

Springfield Court Elderly Persons Complex - External refurbishment

Scheme 10 Barrule Drive - External refurbishment  

Scheme 15 Heywood Drive/Grove - External Repairs