Rent Setting for 2020/21

At the meeting of Onchan District Commissioners held on Monday 16th September 2019, the Chairman, confirmed that over the last 4 – 5 years Onchan District Commissioners have set out a policy that there is a zero percent increase in rents. However, this year the Board’s recommendation to the Department of Infrastructure is that they would reluctantly agree a 2% increase which is considered justified for the following reasons:-

·       Extensive exterior refurbishments to social housing and hope to make further improvements to their property portfolio going forward and

·       Due to the projected increase in the cost of this work.


If the proposed increase is accepted by the Department of Infrastructure, this will result in an increase in rent of between £1.00 and £2.50 per week.


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Presented by:         Commissioner Mr R. Turton

                               CHAIRMAN to Onchan District Commissioners.

Issued:                   30th SEPTEMBER 2019

Published by:          Onchan District Commissioners