Eastern Civic Amenity Site

The Civic Amenity Site is located on the Middle River Trading Estate which is entered opposite the MUA Power Station on Pulrose Road, Douglas. Green coloured directional signs lead you to the site which is at the end of the estate road.

The Civic Amenity Site provides facilities for local residents to deposit items of general bulky household waste which will not fit into the household waste bin (e.g. washing machines, kitchen units).

The Site also provides a recycling service for a number of materials including lead acid batteries (e.g. car batteries); dry cell batteries (e.g. rechargeable or single use batteries); scrap metal; garden waste; glass; cans; plastic bottles; paper and clothing.

Potentially hazardous household waste including fridges/freezers, televisions, computer monitors and fluorescent lamps are accepted for recycling. Charges for disposing of a fridge or freezer at the Island's Civic Amenity sites are set to increase with effect from Thursday 1 December as a result of recent changes in the UK that have led to a sharp rise in reprocessing costs.

This site is open 7 days a week and most bank holidays, and is available for the disposal of household and garden waste without charge.  Opening Times

Trade/Commercial waste will not be accepted at the Civic Amenity Site.

The Eastern District Civic Amenity Site Joint Committee is a joint committee of all the local authorities for Douglas, Onchan, Braddan, Laxey, Lonan and Santon.  The operator of the centre, under contract to the committee, is Douglas Borough Council. 

For further information, please click Civic Amenity Site.

Telephone: (01624) 678217

Fridges and Freezers

Fridge and fridge/freezer can be recycled at a cost. Site users will be required to show photo ID and a utility bill and will be invoiced in due course. Without this proof, the fridge will not be accepted for recycling.  

For further information regarding costs please see Costs for Disposal

Alternatively there is a home collection service provided by Manx Waste Solutions, telephone: (07624) 495327

Other materials accepted

TVs, computer VDUs, fluorescent light tubes, lead acid batteries (i.e. car batteries), dry cell batteries (rechargeable or single use batteries), scrap metal, garden waste, glass, aluminium, paper and clothing, dirty engine oil.