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Refuse services:

Under the Public Health Act 1996, this Authority is required to collect and dispose of all domestic refuse for the district.  Our aim is to provide a reliable and efficient service for our residents.   

Please note that the policy for refuse collection for bank holidays is:-

• If a bank holiday falls on a Monday then the refuse will be collected the following day
• If a bank holiday falls on a Friday then the refuse will be collected the day before
• If a bank holiday falls on any other day, you will be notified on Facebook and the Commissioners' website to which day the refuse will be collected.

To achieve this aim the Commissioners provides the equipment and manpower to carry out the service and we would ask that you assist our operatives by placing your wheelie bin at the curtilage of the property with the handle facing the road by 7.00 am in the morning of the collection day. Our operatives will return the bin to that place once emptied. Our operatives are instructed not to take items (bags, boxes) left on top of or adjacent to bins.  To see detail of the Bin Collection Days please click link below. 

Please note: Do not put hot ashes in the bin as this may damage the bin. Stone, brick or builder's rubble should not be placed in the bin as this can cause damage to the machinery in the refuse vehicle. Bins containing refuse of this nature will not be emptied.

Damaged wheeled bins will be replaced free of charge if the damage is caused by fair wear and tear. In any other circumstances a charge will be made for the replacement container.

The primary route for disposal of domestic refuse is through the Energy from Waste Plant and this imposes restrictions on the types of materials that are permitted in our collection service. Materials such as soil, car parts and gas cylinders should not be disposed of with household waste as this may cause the plant operator to reject our delivery.

Commercial waste collection is undertaken on request and a collection charge is applied, based on the number and size of bins collected, in addition the Commission invoice commercial service users for the disposal cost in accordance with IOM Governments "User Pays" policy.

To see a full list of waste that is not accepted by the Energy from Waste Plant please click link below.

If you have any queries over what can be disposed of as domestic rubbish, please contact the Waste Operations Manager, Tel: (01624) 624967.

The Authority also provides a special collection service for larger items. Anyone wishing to use the service should contact the Commissioners' Office, Tel: (01624) 624967. This service is beyond our normal collection service and a charge will be applied.

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