Sheltered Housing Application

Acceptance Criteria

The normal residential qualifications for acceptance on the waiting list and/or allocation of accommodation are for at least one of the applicants to have a minimum of 10 years residence in the Isle of Man.

The residential qualifications do not need to be continuous or immediately prior to the application.

The waiver of the residential qualifications is unlikely, and will only be considered in VERY EXCEPTIONAL CIRCUMSTANCES.

Sheltered housing applicants are required to be above state retirement age and have a medical need for sheltered housing. This latter requirement should be confirmed by a letter from a medical practitioner.

Further information please see:  Sheltered Housing : Criteria for Acceptance on to Waiting Lists

Application Form

Application forms are available at the offices of Onchan District Commissioners, Hawthorn Villa, 79 Main Road, Onchan, Isle of Man, IM3 4AP. 

Application Updates

You should be aware that it may be some time before the Commissioners will be in a position to offer any accommodation to you. It is important, however, to keep the Housing Office informed of any changes to your circumstances in order that these can be taken into account during the allocation process. Periodically, the Commissioners will review the waiting list by writing to applicants to see if the information needs to be updated. It may be that whilst waiting for an offer, an applicant's circumstances have changed, which may affect an offer of accommodation from the Commissioners.